Stayed at  the Coco Plum Inn this year which is right next to the Green Parrot, I love that. It was a really nice place to stay. There was no parking there where we stayed just a small place to pull up and unload, they were very accommodating on helping to find a place on the road for you though. Also the breakfast they serve in the morning as part of the stay is soooo good. They feed you well enough to tide you over until the afternoon and that is saying something for me.

So I am not for sure how this happened, but I seem to not have a lot of pictures this year from the trip, not for sure if I just didn't take that many or if some might have been on my phone, that has now been re-purposed. I am pretty good about getting photos off my phone so I am going to go with I didn't take very many.

We did do a lot of things, so I will with where we ate first and then some of the things we did. We ate again at DJ's Clam Shack, awesome as usual. Also ate at Two Friends Patio on the north side of Duval/Front street, it was pretty good as well. Now the place we really liked this trip was 2 Cents Restaurant, we actually ate there a couple times..

Also ate at a place called Glazed Donuts, very interesting selection of donuts, I wasn't that brave, I just went for your normal glazed donut. We also ate a place that I heard was really good, but I thought it was just alright it was called Schooner Wharf Bar, I might have hyped myself up to much but well there you go.

Well until next year!

2016 Key West Trip

     Went to Key West in June this year, dad came down again from Missouri and we drove down to the Keys. As usual the first day was a drive to Islamorada and staying at Oceanview Inn & Sports Pub. This year we left earlier in the day and took our time driving down. Another nice thing was that we got down there pretty early, so we had some time to do a couple of things. We went to the Bass Pro Shop and looked around then ate at the Islamorada Fish Company. After that stopped at the 1935 Hurricane Memorial, which interesting fact, has the ashes of WWI Veterans buried there. Next stop that night was to the Florida Keys Brewing Company, we did not stay because boy was that place packed.. It must be worth the stars it got with as many people that were there. So maybe next year I will go for the beer.  :-)  Then went over to the Tiki Bar at Postcard Inn (Holiday Isle is how I will always remember it), well this year it was shut down for the rehab that the bartender mentioned the year before. Oh well, stopped in at the bar at Ocean View then off to bed.

Went to the Key West Museum of Art and History, that is the big brick building in the background. I was of course got sucked into all the history stuff and dad was waiting on me to get done...   

Another great trip down there this year, so glad that dad was able to make it down again and hope he will again soon, and the next time we will try and make it out on one of those charter fishing boats.

The last photo I of the trip.... and the one I of course hate to see.

And of course here are some interior shots of this very old and very COOL building.

The Keys

Now for some of the things we did, we went out to the dock for the sunset festivities, maybe it is me but was not that interesting to me. I don't know maybe dad is pondering this same thing.

Another thing we did was the USCGC Ingham Maritime Museum, I have been wanting to get on this ship for a while now.... I am so glad I did, I found out that it was going in for a rehab. They mentioned that it was going to get configured to what it was during the war. So I am glad I did before they started making any changes to it.

This year on the way down we stopped at couple places, one was the Florida Keys History & Discovery Center at the Islander Resort, I liked it, it was pretty informative. The next place was, wait for it.... a book store, it is called Hooked on Books and let me tell you for the space it had, there were a LOT of books there. Dad walked away with 3-4 I think. We of course stopped off at The Wreck and Galley Grill, needed to get my Key Lime Pie fix. Last stop on the way into Key West was Baby's Coffee, I really like this coffee and needed my to get my fix for the weekend. On to Key West!!!!