Just because I like this picture so much I think I am going to leave it on here for awhile longer.

     Here is a photo from a few years ago. Ok, it was in August of 1972, less than a year after The Magic Kingdom opened in Florida. When the only thing there was The Kingdom, Contemporary, and Polynesian. Who would of thought I would be here now working 40 years later.

     Went to the Keys in July 2015, had a great time. Dad went with me this year, I think he had a good time well good enough that he might come down with me again anyway.

So if you head to The Keys tab, there is updated info there on the trip.

     So since my Key West trip is the latest and greatest update here is a photo of the start of U.S. Route 1. It runs roughly 2,369 miles along the East Coast, from Key West, Florida up to Fort Kent, Maine near the Canadian Border.

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